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Sandy is a highly effective communications coach. When I met Sandy in 2019, she was leading a session on “Marketing your Value” sponsored by the Department of Transportation. It was a room packed with construction workers eager to learn how to increase the value of their companies in the marketplace. I was impressed by how she engaged the group in exercises; they were using the principles right away. After this session, I knew I needed to work with her for future Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) workshops. Sandy’s ability to work with people to create a value statement in minutes is amazing.

In early 2020, Sandy delivered her first workshop - “10 Seconds to Impact: Extraordinary Elevator Pitches” - to PTAC clients. These clients have an interest in selling to government agencies and being memorable in the government marketplace. This workshop was transformational. Each person left with a stronger elevator pitch and a better understanding of how to stand out from the competition.

Her ability to create a safe environment for learning sets the stage for open communication to occur. The workshops are interactive and require participation to ensure the principles are practiced. Sandy’s approach allows learners to experiment with new techniques and get immediate feedback from her and the others in the workshop, building confidence in their communication. Sandy’s skills with improv are used in each workshop she conducts. She is a master in communication strategies: using creativity and clear word choice to create a memorable experience. I learn something new each time I work with Sandy. I love working with her and highly recommend her as a coach, trainer, and mentor. 
Lisa Lagerstrom, Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC)

When I was chosen as a TEDx presenter in 2016, I was excited to share my insight on the value of apprenticeships with such an influential audience. I was also scared out of my mind. As I looked out to the audience the day of the talk, I knew that I was fully prepared to share my expertise with the world and credit my success to my speaker coach, Sandy Bjorgen.

I started working with Sandy several months before the event. I am not a public speaker by any means and told Sandy that I was really overwhelmed. Sandy calmed my fears at our first meeting with her positive affirmations and knowledgeable approach.

Sandy had me compile the key facts of my subject and together, we crafted a very personal 15 minute talk. We took it apart and revised it several times until we had a clear and concise, easy to comprehend message that the audience would easily receive. Sandy asked me to practice in front of her and had me rehearse at home every day. That made an huge difference in getting over my stage fright. She also helped me overcome my anxiety of speaking with my German accent. With Sandy's counsel, I now embrace my accent which in itself has made me a better speaker. At every obstacle, Sandy had a solution. I now feel excited about my speaking opportunities because of the tools she taught me.

Sandy is smart, witty and very energetic. She made herself familiar with my topic and enhanced my speech greatly. I give Sandy Bjorgen Five Stars and highly recommend her as a coach for any person who wants to overcome their fear of public speaking - and wants valuable guidance on preparing a well written message.
Matt Poischbeg, SEA-Lect Plastics

You achieved in a few minutes what it takes months to teach in a traditional classroom.
Karen Kurt Teal, PhD, Professor, University of Washington

I highly recommend Sandy to anyone wanting to improve skills in presentation and facilitation. Because of my sessions with her, I not only enjoy my work more, but my evaluation scores are excellent too!
Deanna Carlisle, Marketing & Training Consultant, Microsoft

A targeted, yet lighthearted instructor who guides you to show your best self. I saw one of her student's new videos made after taking the boot camp. Sandy really transformed his presentation!
Diane Haugen, Executive Director, North Seattle Chamber of Commerce

Your training helped us implement processes that truly drive employee accountability and responsibility. It was invaluable in helping us refine skills in questioning, listening, and self-evaluation. Using your techniques, we encourage employees to evaluate their own performance and identify areas they want to improve upon. Finding out what they want and helping them determine how to get it is the most effective way to create lasting and sustained change. Encouraging employees to solve their own problems through critical thinking is vital to our business success and viability. 
Eugenie Johnson, Team Leader, Credit Management Center

Sandy is an excellent presenter who makes the uncomfortable fun, new, and fresh. She presented to our group on how to create an elevator pitch and how to maximize your networking opportunities. These workshops were not only informative, but the information was delivered in such a way that all of the attendees retained the material and were able to use it well after the event. If you are looking for someone to help spice up, dust off, or revive your communication skills, Sandy is the one.
Chuck Davis, Vice President/Event Coordinator, Seattle Chapter: Alumni Association, University of Phoenix

A wonderful presentation. I found things I can use every day to improve listening and communications skills. 
Rene Shrewsbury, PHR, Human Resources Manager, Holiday Inn

Sandy does an amazing job of training both start-up and experienced entrepreneurs in the art of the pitch. As Director of Washington Women's Business Center at Community Capital Development, I brought Sandy on board to help members seeking assistance in small business development and funding. Her students learn to develop and deliver presentations with confidence, style, and impact.
Catherine Kennedy, President/Owner, Kennedy Ventures LLC

Sandy is an expert. She turns a roomful of strangers into a functioning team in under an hour. Her workshops are engaging, dynamic, unique, effective--and fun!
Mark McVeety, Director, Shoreline Community College Business Accelerator

Sandy provided an outstanding class on communication/public speaking to the start-up businesses. Her ability to connect with each person and make them feel like the class was designed especially for them was invaluable. Her hands-on approach garnered 100% participation from all attendees. She really knows how to make learning FUN. 
Cosette Gibson-Pfaff, Executive Director, South Sound Regional Business Incubator

I thoroughly enjoyed your session on The Inner Salesperson. Your energy and vitality and materials were top notch.
Michael Buschmohle, Speaker & Trainer

Sandy offers fun, fresh ways to improve communication. Her presentations and applied improvisation training for organizations, teams and individuals are entertaining and educational. Older methods just aren't working. Sandy shares innovative and effective techniques to get your messages heard and implemented.
Lynda McDaniel, Director, Association for Creative Business Writing

Sandy did an excellent job of delivering a highly beneficial and engaging presentation at our professional women's luncheon of over 50 people. She was knowledgeable and entertaining, and gave us valuable tools we could implement, practice, and deliver right in the presentation. The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive and I would definitely invite her back again to speak at our organization. 
Elizabeth Tackett, President, Eastside Women in Business; Owner, Tackett Internet Marketing 

I have attended Sandy's events and found them to be very helpful for perfecting my short pitches. Sandy is a great teacher and brings her enthusiasm and extensive experience to each session.
Peter Wilson, Founder & Consultant,

Sandy cuts through a lot of clutter to help you present your business in an efficient and conversational way--and in your own words. She has taught me a process, not sold me a product. I have a much better understanding of how to continue to improve my content, style, and delivery.
Marshall Parker, Founder & Consultant, Marshall Media Consulting

I have worked with Sandy on several occasions in her role as a trainer on how to market and promote your business. Sandy is the "Master" of the 30 second elevator speech. She is one of the best I have seen in helping businesses get their message across in a short simple form, allowing others to know what you are about without being complicated or losing customer interest. Sandy is an excellent speaker and has a great demeanor that makes it easy to communicate with her and learn. 
Doug Palmer, Past President, Shoreline Chamber of Commerce

What a treat! Sandy has a unique ability to create an environment where feedback given (by her as well as other participants) is supportive yet constructive. I highly recommend Sandy's coaching and workshops!
Melinda Davies, Digital Marketing Consultant, WSI

You were awesome! 
Bill Gregory, Education Chair, Toastmasters International District Conference

Everything we did makes me think about what I am doing. I expected a formula for success (male thinking). Instead, the principles were intertwined throughout. I learned a lot. 
Otto Haugland, Regional Sales Manager

Inspiring, positive and productive training! Sandy provided me with the tools to make the most of my speaking opportunity. My perspective changed from seeing it as a chore to making it a fun and exciting opportunity to share! 
Lisa Haynes, Director, Corporate Communications, BlueStar Construction/BlueStar Real Estate

Sandy has helped me prepare two different speeches. In both cases she offered me suggestions that improved the speeches considerably. Her approach is diplomatic and honest at the same time. She is supportive but also tells me what will or will not work with a specific audience. I highly recommend her.
Maggie Knowles, Money Coach & Bookkeeper

Sandy will work with you where you are now and provide the environment that fosters experience and insight you can use to maximize your potential. She is a "recovering shy person," so she is perfect for showing people how to build self confidence when meeting new people, giving a speech, or just learning how to be more comfortable in their own skin. 
Wendy DiPeso, Past President, Shoreline Chamber of Commerce

Most valuable to me was your ability to let me wander around among a bunch of ideas without losing sight of the need for a useful action or decision to emerge. That was very helpful in keeping me focused. 
Suzanne Webster, Small-Business Consultant

I feel a whole new sense of "do-ability" from our session. Many small pieces are lined up in much better ways. 
Rose Harrow, Founder & Trainer, Savvy & Thriving Coaching