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Hi! My name is Sandy and I'm an RSP (Recovered Shy Person). I was once so shy that I couldn't even talk to myself! Okay, I'm kidding. But seriously, my shyness was tough to overcome. Have you had similar experiences? Do you avoid public speaking – or speaking to people one-on-one?

Over time, I learned how to turn nerves into nerve – and make progress easier and faster. Now I train people to think and speak under pressure. I founded IMPROV-able Results to help others learn how to communicate more effectively, stand out from the crowd and even have fun doing it!

My group training and individual coaching sessions are interactive, experiential and educational. They're entertaining, creative and supportive. They provide opportunities for you to explore beyond your comfort zone, to discover and enhance your strengths, to discover your challenges and find better ways to manage them. They're opportunities to receive personalized, constructive feedback and targeted coaching that will help you increase your impact on your business.

Many, though not all, of my client`s experience "stage fright" or social anxiety in certain situations. They anticipate making mistakes and being judged negatively, and this fear holds them back. Some are nervous only before large crowds, or just one-on-one, or only in front of a video camera.

Other clients don't consider themselves "shy" but realize that they need to be more effective one-on-one; or they need to be more dynamic, unique and interesting in order to capture and hold the attention of their audiences.

They all learn to make better and faster decisions about what to say, how to say it, when to say it--and when to stop!

I would be happy to talk with you about your goals and how, together, we might help you reach them, quickly or one step at a time. Call me at 206-351-5899 for a free 30-minute consultation.

In my training sessions, I use a lot of tools from the world of improvisational theater. Improv is not just for actors:

APPLIED IMPROVISATION applies the principles and techniques of improvisational theater to the world of work in non-theatrical venues such as the following: small businesses, corporations, nonprofit organizations, professional associations, educational institutions and government agencies.

Targeted practice, rehearsal, and role-play, as well as playful improv exercises and games, help to develop vital skills in communication, collaboration, decision-making, presentation, leadership and innovation.

More about Sandy and her background:
SANDY provides training in public speaking, interpersonal and organizational communication, applied improvisation and innovation through one-on-one coaching and group training for business professionals and organizations.

Her credentials include an MA degree in coaching psychology, certification as a personal and professional coach, a BA degree in English and education.

Additionally, she has training and experience in conflict management, sales, theater, applied improv, creative writing, creative problem solving, adult learning, and public speaking.

Her background includes over 30 years combined experience in education, recruitment and staffing, organizational leadership and management, training and professional development, sales and marketing, counseling, and theater.

She has produced videos for use in work-readiness classes for adults, acted onstage and in training videos, won numerous speaking awards, coached individuals for TEDx talks, and coached finalist teams for Microsoft’s Imagine Cup (an international competition among student innovators).

Sandy's community and association leadership roles have included the following: president of the National Speakers Association Northwest Chapter, founding board member of the Association for Creative Business Writing, vice-president of the Northgate Chamber of Commerce and co-chair of its ambassadors committee, co-chair and emcee for North-End Chambers Power Networking, ambassador for the Greater Seattle Business Association, board member for the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce, vice-president of the Edmonds Driftwood Players.