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Get It Write!
Written By: Sandy Bjorgen, IMPROV-able Results ~ 10/13/2022


I reed so many peaces writ bye busyness peep who went to made good impressing on there Target market and partition their selves as exports, but thy can't spell. Or, they got their tents or gamma wrong. Oar, they can net be bothered by take time to poof reed. Spell chick snot a cure all. Yew haft too reread four meaning two. If yew went to be take serially--check your work before hitting sand--have someone ells check it too if you tend to miss thinks. Use popper English.

Here are additional tips. Maybe some of these seem unnatural to you, but this is the way it is:

  1. Don't say "Jim and me went to the meeting" or "Me and Jim went to the meeting"--just as you wouldn't say "Me went to the meeting." Say "Jim and I went to the meeting."
  2. Don't say "Jim and myself went to the meeting" or "Myself and Jim went to the meeting" or "I and Jim went to the meeting." Just say "Jim and I went to the meeting."
  3. Don't say "The boss took myself to the meeting." Simply say "The boss took me to the meeting.) (And, don't say "The boss took Jim and myself to the meeting" either.)
  4. Don't say "The boss took Jim and I to the meeting"--just as you wouldn't say "The boss took I to the meeting." Say "The boss took Jim and me to the meeting." (If the boss won't take I to the meeting, neither should she take Jim and I!)

Yew mite of good info to shear, butte who well no if ridding your word is pane full. If you can't writ good, yon don't look credit, able. Don't make I want to delete you! Ok? Meetings over!

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